Selectra ProS



Clinical chemistry analyzer Selectra ProXS
The latest in the Selectra Pro series, the Selectra ProS is our most compact, fully featured system with enhanced performance and best-in-class operator interface. New system features enable significant enhancements, not typically found in BenchTop chemistry analyzers.
Together with a superior menu of ready-to-use, liquid-stable reagents, the Selectra ProS provides a fully integrated chemistry solution for smaller or satellite laboratory locations.
With random access and typical throughput up to 133 tests per hour, the Selectra ProS system is the ideal BenchTop workhorse for primary, STAT or back-up testing needs. This new system offers minimal maintenance and effective use of consumables to truly reduce operational cost.
In the Selectra family of products, Selectra ProS offers ideal solutions with proven quality, workmanship and value, so you can trust its results, any time and on time.

New customer software with a world-class operator interface makes your work easier
New performance and the ability to reduce errors through PSID, Host query and programmable result control
New automatic reagent management with a 2D barcode reader for programming tests, calibrators and controls and increased capacity with 30 refrigerated positions
New design to increase performance, significantly reduce hardware requirements and optimize the new Dry IsE
Complete parts kit for annual preventive maintenance

A dedicated line of ready-to-use tests, packed in a manner tailored to the needs of laboratories
Operating on the basis of proven methodologies, identified with laboratory standards
Standardized results of the Elitech Clinical System for the entire Selectra family
Constant commitment to developing new methods and improvements

Selectra ProS Brochure